12Eleven has a sound & energy that is unique to the music industry today. Its Pop/R&B influence mixes well with the musical versatility of each member. These distinctive traits are portrayed in 12Eleven's discography which brings an enjoyable vibe to the listener. The vast range of cathartic and dance-worthy songs make this a specific project to keep up with. The main ingredients of 12Eleven’s sound are the warm vocals, vibrant Saxophone & Guitar Solos, and infectious groove.  12Eleven is planning a tour for the Fall of 2022.

Events that have featured 12Eleven:  SouthSounds Music & Arts Festival, Bands on the Blackwater, Foster Fest, Revfest, National Shrimp Festival and Taste of Troy Festival as well as events at Troy University, University of South Alabama, Mississippi State University.




Email: 12elevenband@gmail.com
Pierce Gilmore: 850-450-2816


Chris Conaway (R.A.) 

Inevitable Artists Group, LLC. 

Atlanta, GA. 30305 

P: (404) 314-0011 

E: chris.c@iaglive.com 

W: iaglive.com

Original band, 12Eleven, posing in a back alley in Atlanta, Georgia


By the Numbers: 12Eleven

By the Numbers: 12Eleven

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