12Eleven is a Pop/R&B band based in Troy, AL.
In the year 2015, Daniel Hunt's first night of college was spent playing guitar in his newly assigned dorm room. Directly next door, Jairuz Rojas overheard soft guitar riffing through the walls. Interested in hanging out with someone who also played music, Rojas grabbed his guitar and followed the sound next door. Hunt answered the knock at his door and the two immediately hit it off. Just a day later the two recorded a short cover video of Sam Smith's "Lay Me Down" and uploaded it to Hunt's Instagram. Already having 9,000 followers from two of his popular videos in high school, and frequent collaboration with other Instagram stars; Hunt's video with Rojas quickly went viral with over 9,000 likes. The two decided to start an official band and dedicated the rest of their freshman year of college to writing songs, playing takeaway shows, and performing during campus activities.

Pierce Gilmore enrolled at Troy University the following year, and was quickly brought on board by Rojas to play drums for 12Eleven. The two had gigged together in their hometown of Milton, FL during their high school years; which made adding Gilmore the perfect fit. 

Denver Wallace met Rojas through a couple classes at Troy University. It wasn’t until an audition for a campus music ensemble that the two discussed collaborating with each other. After a year of working together outside of the band, Wallace joined as a bass player. A week later they performed their first gig as a full band.

Eric McCauley was met by Wallace, Gilmore, and Rojas through Troy's music industry program. They performed together through the schools music ensembles and after a semester of performance and bonding, Eric was brought on as the band's saxophonist/vocalist fall of 2018.

In the year 2020, Rojas stepped away from the band - pursuing a further education. Soon after, McCauley stepped up to fill the role as frontman. 

Being well-rounded is, perhaps, the most important aspect of being a musician and 12Eleven features this in the most humble way possible. 12Eleven's style of music comes from a blend of creativity that goes along with its diverse cultural background. Every member brings a certain genre to the table that can be heard through their music. 

12Eleven released two singles that can be found on all streaming platforms.

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