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12Eleven Records is an independent record label, music blog & media management company created by the members of 12Eleven. With the industry evolving, creative direction is in the hands of the artist more than ever in 2024. We want to help all our artists capitalize on this, and promote growth online & in-person.

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Wow this tour really was a great experience. Im grateful that I got to do everything & I will be taking this knowledge further into the music industry. 

We were in a lot of cities the last two months. It…

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12Eleven Records FM EP1 



Thanks for tuning into our first episode of 12Eleven Records FM! It was a lot of fun making this for you all. Hit us up on social media for any music suggestions! See everyone next week!

Dansvibee 04 🎸✨

 🥀What a crazy last few weeks. Me & the band started our tour & finished up the mixing & mastering process for our new single, “Whatever This Is”

I literally dreamed about this type of life as a kid, &amp…

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First week of tour for 12Eleven


Our first week of the tour was a lot of fun! It was good to get back to some of the cities that we hadn't seen in a few months! You can check out some of the pictures below 👇

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Dansvibee 03 🥀

It’s almost time for the spring szn & as valentines rolls around it’s a crazy reminder we are almost 2 months into ‘24.


My band 12Eleven is ab to go on its tour & I’ve been getting mentally prepared. Lots…

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12Eleven Records Photography Spotlight

Rostered Artists


Known for the uniqueness of sax and guitar combined with soulful vocals and heavy groove. 12Eleven has managed to craft a sound that stands out as its very own. Catchy melodies, quality musicianship & a hint of mystique create a lasting aesthetic that is 12Eleven.


E-Macc is a singer, producer & multi instrumentalist from San Antonio, TX. He brings a new spin to the R&B, Dance & Pop genres that blend well with his sax playing. 


Dansvibee is a nostalgia evoking project created by Dan Alvarado, a guitarist, songwriter & visual artist from the South East United States. A familiar and serene take on Alternative, City/Latin Soul.