Dansvibee 04 🎸✨

 🥀What a crazy last few weeks. Me & the band started our tour & finished up the mixing & mastering process for our new single, “Whatever This Is”

I literally dreamed about this type of life as a kid, & now that I’m right here it’s obviously not what I thought it would be, but in a good way 🙌

When I had started my first band in HS, we used to plan what we would wear to shows & how cool it would be. We never actually played a show but it was still good fun to set goals. 

Now I actually get to plan that stuff fr, & get to look forward to pushing my career in ways I couldn’t have imagined. 

The crowds have been so receptive, & treat us well. Thanks for streaming our songs ❤️

We added more shows on our schedule over the last 7 days in ATL, Birmingham, Pensacola & Athens. I put most of those on our site so check it out 🫠

It’s honestly insane how much my carpal tunnel has healed over the last six months & allowed me to practice guitar in a way I’ve never really done since I’ve been on a heavy gig schedule.

I’m breaking through with my music theory & playing in general. As I keep building my skill set I’ve also seen improvements in my song writing. 
Hopefully I can keep it up🥀🎸


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