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Wow this tour really was a great experience. Im grateful that I got to do everything & I will be taking this knowledge further into the music industry. 

We were in a lot of cities the last two months. It…

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Dansvibee 04 🎸✨

 🥀What a crazy last few weeks. Me & the band started our tour & finished up the mixing & mastering process for our new single, “Whatever This Is”

I literally dreamed about this type of life as a kid, &amp…

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Dansvibee 03 🥀

It’s almost time for the spring szn & as valentines rolls around it’s a crazy reminder we are almost 2 months into ‘24.


My band 12Eleven is ab to go on its tour & I’ve been getting mentally prepared. Lots…

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Dansvibee 02🥀 - Breaking the Plateau

For the past week or so I've been transcribing and writing. I was suffering from mild CTS in my right hand so I laid off the practice in '23 as much as I could. 

It was easy to get away…

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Dansvibee 01🥀


Thanks so much for rolling through. 12Eleven Records has given me this space to write about what's going on in my career & lifestyle, so I'll be updating this blog weekly.

2024 is already looking to be a busy &amp…

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