Dansvibee 02 - Breaking the Plateau

For the past week or so I've been transcribing and writing. I was suffering from mild CTS in my right hand so I laid off the practice in '23 as much as I could.

It was easy to get away with honestly because I played so many shows throughout the year. We would play 3-4 times a week & then I would rest 4 days.

This is usually how it goes for musicians playing a high-volume schedule. You're traveling a lot, so your main practice is the gig.

But now that I have had some off time it has been dope to get back to the basics. Especially since my CTS is feeling better.

Progression is super interesting. Sometimes you don't know you have the dexterity on guitar for a certain phrase. So I'm just rediscovering old stuff I never thought I could play & playing it.

At 12Eleven Records we recorded our first Episode of 12Eleven Records FM, an online radio show hosted by Pierce GIlmore & me. It is coming out tonight. You can find the link in my insta story when it drops.. It is going to be a weekly thing, so hope to see you guys there.

We have more merch coming out on my birthday (Valentine's Day)! It's looking like it will be 5-6 items including some sweatpants ( if we can find any blanks). I only have 1 pair of sweatpants so I tried to make some more haha.

I'm about to go record a couple of Instagram videos today. See y'all later.

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